Eastside Organics is all about growing and marketing healthy chemical-free food. I use only wood ash (as a substitute for Lime) and compost made from lobster shells. My four gardens were ploughed from non-agricultural land, and are protected from chemical over-spray from neighbouring farms by large hedges of trees. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or any other poison is ever applied to either the soil or plants.

My preserves are either made from fresh organic produce which I grow (pickled beets, mustard pickles, garlic scapes, etc.), or from fruits and berries which I pick in the wild (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, etc.)

During the 2017 summer, I was a vendor at two weekly markets:

(a) Farm Centre Market:  Every Thursday from 4pm – 8pm, from June 15th at the Farm Centre on University Avenue in Charlottetown; and the

(b) Downtown Queen Street Market: Every Sunday from 11am – 4pm on Queen Street in Charlottetown starting July 2nd. 

I will post information on where I will be a vendor for the 2018 summer-fall season in the Spring of 2018.

I will deliver orders of $30 or more at no cost. To place an order, first click on  PRESERVES to see what’s available for sale during the Winter months. The List of Fresh Produce will have prices for each item and will be updated weekly, as different vegetables become available during the summer and fall. Preserves are 250ml mason jars and cost $5 each (tax included).  Then click on PLACE AN ORDER fill in the form and “submit”.  In the Order field,  list your items as follows:  2 head of Romaine lettuce; 3 red hot pepper; 2 salsa; etc.

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